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Broadcast Schedule

5:26 AM   Osgood Files
5:49 AM   Local Weather
5:55 AM   West Dakota Ag News
6:00 AM   CBS 10 Minute News
6:15 AM   Local Weather
6:20 AM   Northern Ag Markets
6:30 AM   Southwest Grain Close
6:33 AM   Stockmen's Livestock Report
6:35 AM   KDIX Radio Morning Show
6:40 AM   Major Weather
7:30 AM   Local Regional News
7:38 AM   Major Weather
7:55 AM   Pizza Hut Sports
8:26 AM   The Osgood Files - CBS
9:03 AM   The Wheeler Dealer
9:45 AM   The Rod Kleinjan Show
9:55 AM   Livestock Open
10:55 AM   Mid Session Grain
11:06 AM   Hospital News
11:26 AM   The Osgood Files-CBS
11:46 AM   Mike's Rodeo Report
12:30 PM   Northern Ag Markets
12:40 PM   Stockmen's Auction Reports
2:15 PM   Southwest Grain Closing Market 
2:03 PM   Stockmen's Livestock Report
3:55 PM   Daily Market Summary
5:10 PM   CBS 10 Minute News
5:22 PM   Local Regional News
5:40 PM   Southwest Grain Close
5:42 PM   Stockmen's Livestock Report
5:45 PM   Pizza Hut Sports Feature