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Music Format Target Age - We play a 35-65% mix; 35% current and re-currents, consisting of a combination of light rock and country crossover hits. 65% oldies with the same mix. A Best of the Best music format TARGETING 34 to 55 which is the dominant age demographic for Western North Dakota.

The Best of the Networks - KDIX features CBS and The Northern Ag Network.

North Dakota's Number ONE Sports Station - Rod Kleinjan, a North Dakota Sportscaster of the Year and Jim Dahl feature the state's number one sports reporting and play-by-play team. Jim and Rod host Area Coaches Comment and Coffee with the Coaches on Saturday mornings during the fall and winter sports seasons. This is compatible with our Best of the Best music format and heavy ag coverage during the day.

KDIX is the voice of the Dickinson State University Blue Hawks, The Dickinson High School Midgets and the Trinity High School Titans. We also carry NFL Monday night Football, The Superbowl and NCAA March Madness.

West Dakota's Number ONE Agriculture Station - KDIX features a full-time Farm Director Mike Renner. Mike also provides special daily rodeo coverage and reports. KDIX is the only Dickinson station to feature exclusive daily reports from Southwest Grain Harvest-States and Stockman's Livestock.


  • Jefferson Clark - Mornings
  • Northern Ag - Hourly 6 AM-6 PM
  • Mike's Rodeo Report 11:46 AM
  • News - Hourly 6 and 26 after
  • Sports lines - Hourly at 46 after
  • Local Sports - 7:55 AM and 5:40 PM
  • The Wheeler Dealer - 9:03 AM
  • Area Coach's Comment - Saturdays 9 AM September through February
  • Westwood One CBS Sports
  • NFL Football
  • NCAA March Madness Basketball
  • The Tell It Like It Is Radio Program with Pastor Bob - Sundays 8:06 PM - 9:06 PM
  • St. John's Lutheran Church Services - Sundays; Summers 9:30 AM, Fall & Winter 10:30 AM
  • Voice of Prophecy - Monday through Friday 4 PM
  • The Marion Hour - Sunday 9 AM

See our broadcast schedule for a complete listing.